Why Blog

What’s the big deal about blogging? Is it just one more thing to take time away from my business?

Blogging has many very useful benefits:

  1. Get instant feedback from your customers and visitors
  2. Survey your followers to find what interest them and add it to your business
  3. Keep your web site visitors longer and help raise your search engine ranking
  4. Publish information quickly for timely results
  5. Blog useful information and they will keep coming back for more
  6. Show the world that you are the expert and therefore can be trusted
  7. Useful blogs will be referenced from other sites, Facebook, emails which will get your name to more people and help in raising your search engine ranking
  8. Web sites with dynamic information get higher ranking with search engines

You need to consider blogging as one of the important marketing tools in your tool box for branding your company and keeping in front of your clients.


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