Is my company to small to run a contest like the national chains?

It’ s time to level the playing field!

Contest are not just for the big players anymore.  We have put together successful marketing contests for small to medium size clients with great grand prizes.

Why a contest!

  • Easy way to differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Draw clients to your locations
  • Gain valuable information (e.g. email address) from your client base
  • Increase your sales and profits
  • Improve your company recognition

How does a contest work?

There are many types of contests that can be run but most have a similar logistical structure. The contest is underwritten by a type of  “insurance” policy. The contest is some type of game of chance. The cost of the policy is determined by the number that can enter the contest versus the chance of anyone winning.

Have you ever participated in a golf tournament with a Hole-N-One contest? That is just one of the types of contests that fall in this category. The Charity pays a small amount for the policy to guarantee the winning prize.

We have designed and executed contest marketing campaigns from winning prizes of HVAC systems to cars.

Contact us to discuss how we can design a marketing campaign with a contest to fit your company needs.

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