Data Mining

This is the process of digging and searching through those piles of old prospecting lists, business cards and inactive customer contact information to find those nuggets of gold that will give you increased sales and profits. These valuable bits of information can come from your sales system, website registrations, response cards, service and repair departments and in-store registrations. Let us show you how to turn these pieces of paper and computer files into active customers.

Data Segmentation

Since all of your customers are not the same, we can develop unique marketing projects that appeal to your differing clients and welcome them to your company. We have the technology to find the common denominator in your data classification and mine those segments.

What we do

All of this data is combined and formatted tl allow for segmentation and specific direct marketing.

Database Marketing

Database marketing is the process where all of this information comes together . We analyze this information and design a marketing plan that suits your specific needs.

What can Database-Marketing do for YOU?

Standard methods often cannot answer the most relevant questions of a Marketer, nor do they provide a point-and-click GUI interface for ad-hoc queries of information, that even can be handled by the primarily creativity- and certainly less systems-orientated Marketing managers. Database-Marketing interfaces between the ad-hoc needs and the existing systems environment with all its data. It gives the marketers the unique chance to pull down information with only few mouse-clicks.

How can you profit from Database-Marketing?

Standard marketing techniques cannot provide a point and click GUI interface for ad hoc queries. Database marketing provides a more precise, efficient and effective way to analyze your sales components and customers.

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