Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, SEO—two of the most used but misunderstood terms that are bantered around when discussing the internet. So what are they and how do they pertain to your company? In a nutshell, SEO is the process that your web designer uses to have your web site recognized and ranked by today’s popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. There is a complicated equation that is used by these indexes that determines how important, how active and how complete your web site is compared to the remainder of the sites in your business category. It is so much more efficient and practical to rely on your web site engineer to maximize your web site’s SEO than try to do it yourself. We have experience with all types of sites and can provide this service very easily and painlessly


One of the major criteria that determine the ranking of your web site within the various categories is Keywords. These are the actual words used within the copy of your site. There are 4 Golden Rules to determine the effectiveness of these keywords.

  1. Relevance - the keyword must match the content of the web site
  2. Traffic - some words or phrases generate high traffic to your site. We strive to use the Keywords that generate the most traffic
  3. Competition - we choose key words or phrases that are not heavily used by your competitors
  4. Commerciality - this is the measure of the potential profit of the site

As you can see, the challenge is to select the keywords and phrases that fit your business and web site. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the effective keywords.

Search Engine Ranking

The actual methods that search engines determine rankings is a closely guarded secret and to make matters more interesting, these formulas are changed without notice. The value of a search engine depends upon providing the best web sites with the best rankings.

Generally the ranking is affected by several criteria which appear “inside” the web site as well as in other parts of the internet, itself. Components that affect the individual web site ranking are:

  1. Place Pages - this is detailed information about location and details requested by the search engine
  2. Links - the quality and number of links from other sites back to yours
  3. Citations - the number of reverses back to your company's, name,address, and location
  4. Uniqueness of content - the fresh content, timeliness and quantity of your site activity

Does this all sound a little overwhelming? Let us provide you with the experts and the expertise to design develop and distribute a web site that fits into these complicated criteria

Local SEO

The major search engines use location to help determine the relevance of business web sites for rankings. Therefore, it is very important to maximize this valuable component of your site in order to be positioned high in the search engine rankings. The term “local” is very arbitrary; it can mean locating your company in any size geographic area.

Remember, more consumers are using their smart phones, laptops and tablet computers to obtain shopping information. These electronic marvels are quickly replacing the yellow page directories, so your Local SEO must be kept current if people on the go are to find you.

Global SEO

If your company has a global scope, then this location function is even more crucial to your survival. The internet is fast becoming the primary source of gathering information and making informed purchasing decisions. The very future of your company’s growth IS dependent upon the internet more each day .

It is so important to seek qualified experts, like us, to put the entire package together to maximize your sales and profits.

The internet has become the number one source for gathering information and making informed purchasing decisions. The future of your company is becoming more dependant on your internet visibility

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