Web Sites

The internet is an incredible resource of information for both consumers and businesses and is growing every day. It has quickly become the number one resource for extraction of varied search queries. Your current customers and prospects use the internet every day to make buying decisions. So, how do you plan to use this valuable tool to benefit your company?

The answer is simple—you need an up to date, professionally designed and constructed web site. Web sites DO NOT have to be expensive and cumbersome. We can develop a site for you that will produce results at a reasonable cost.

Company Branding

Your web site is one of the most important marketing tools that you have in your arsenal. But, are you projecting a web site image that is an accurate reflection of your company, today and in the future? Your current customers and potential clients judge your company, right or wrong, by your web presence. What message are you sending them

Optimized Experience

  1. Keep it simple and emphasis your company's message
  2. Make certain your contact information is highly visible
  3. Display a call to action
  4. Navigation of the site must be easy and logical
  5. Content has to be consistent with search engine keywords
  6. You should include links within content to increase user friendliness

Search Engine Friendly

It is wonderful to have a modern, well designed web site, but if the search engines cannot index your pages correctly, your clients and prospects will never find it. Remember, OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. There is much more to the web site pages than what can be seen in a browser.

The leading search engines use complicated equations to calculate your positioning in their listing. Even though these equations are TOP SECRET, there are several components that are used for calculating your position

  1. Carefully select keywords and phrases
  2. Keywords should be used throughout your content
  3. Use page titles that reflect the content
  4. Add the appropriate META data
  5. Titles should include keywords and reflect page content
  6. All images should have relevant file names and alternate text
  7. Size images to download quickly
  8. Keep all links within your site
  9. Verify all links work correctly

OR, an easy way to guarantee that this process is completed correctly, CALL US!! We take pride in researching and developing everything that is necessary!

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