Frequently Asked Questions

What is direct marketing?
The distribution of marketing communications to customers, clients and perspective customers without going through intermediaries (i.e. yellow-pages, news paper, radio).

This is the distribution of marketing communications to customers, clients and prospective customers without using intermediaries (i.e. yellow pages, newspaper and mass media).

What are some of the channels for direct marketing?
These methods vary based on the amount of R O I that you wish to receive. They range from the most expensive—1 on 1 personal contact—to the highest and most efficient—e-mail distribution. Other channels include direct mail—in the middle—attendance at trade shows and telemarketing.

Can I purchase mailing lists?
Yes, there are a lot of list supplier for both direct mail and email. However, there are many issues with this approach. Most lists are years out of date. They do not correct for changes in address, not sellectable for yoru primary marketing group, emails are not verified. There are no guarantees from the compnanies, including no refunds for undelivered items. In addition, email lists are not supplied and all email communicatins have to go through the list supplier.

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