Direct E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing opens the lines of communication with your customers and prospects. This tool allows you to increase the loyalty of your clients by listing the various services that they are familiar with AND introduce them to the new products that you have added to your portfolio. These valuable friends will appreciate learning of how they can be successfully serviced by you—their long-term friend. Keeping your listing of services will further cement relationships, continue to build trust and keep your customers loyal to your company.

Your customers will look forward to your informational e-mails which will present valuable information about your business and their industry. They will thank you for providing them with new and exciting ways to promote their businesses. And don’t forget, this campaign is available to your clients 24/7/365 at THEIR convenience.

Why not just use Outlook?

  1. It does not meet the rigid spam requirements for your protection
  2. You do not receive any of the valuable statistics of the blast:
    • You do not have any idea of how many e-mails were delivered or opened
    • There is no indication of how many were marked as spam by the recipient
    • You do not receive the click through rates
    • Your message cannot be tracked
  3. It is difficult to segment your database for specificity
  4. Clients cannot go into your Outlook to update their information

Must-Haves for a successful E-mail Marketing Campaign:

  1. Your e-mail marketing efforts are only as successful as the accuracy of your e-mail list
  2. Collect e-mail addresses on ALL of your clients and prospects
  3. Provide a specific Call To Action
  4. Make certain that the e-mail layout is attractive and easily read. Provide:
    • Your logo
    • Bright colors
    • Your contract information
  5. Coordinate your e-mail marketing with your other forms of promotion. This will build your brand
  6. Be relevant. The message should be timely and of value to the recipients.
  7. Use your statistics to improve your campaigns

If this sounds overwhelming, we are here to make it easy for you. We are experts at managing all of the details and we work with you to coordinate the message, design, and logistics to complete the project. Give us a call at (314) 603-8845 TODAY to experience the creative services we provide!

Call us at (314) 603-8845 to experience the Creative Services we provide!